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Abdicate Cell

Abdicate Cell was a label concept I had as a teenager that thanks to internet evolved into a netlabel. Although the idea was to only publish my own music, when I started archiving on back in 2004 I began to get demos via e-mail. So at the end the archive has more than 100 recordings, both my recordings and more than 30 from other artists such as:

  • 3p1l3pt1c f1t & insecticide lobotomy
  • aatmaa
  • aatmaa + enlil
  • adrián juárez + skylined
  • adrián juárez and kenneth kirschner
  • artik
  • camisole vs aatmaa
  • christ phyr blyr
  • clan
  • doping mozga
  • edgeist
  • ejgb
  • enlil
  • ensemble phase 3
  • gob of spit
  • h: u.n.d.
  • helmeticrononaut
  • hiroshi
  • jan m. iversen
  • kill the tv
  • larsgården/saldaña
  • legion
  • lezet
  • lodemidiquail
  • mantis crème
  • minuit
  • naam
  • noi
  • petr drkula
  • pharmakustik
  • process
  • qb
  • qwerty
  • the cherry blues project
  • x-flow
  • y
Abdicate Cell

As you can see the list is quite long, so it was time to put the whole netlabel’s archive to rest and be there for everyone to enjoy (or not). Abdicate Cell’s archive goes from 2001 to 2008. Back in 2018 I was wondering if I was going to “upgrade” abdicate cell and start publishing both digital and on cassettes. That was actually the original idea back in the 90’s. But the whole thing had to wait until 2019 and the idea became into Antsy records

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