I’m a multimedia artist, deep divergent thinker and a sensitive idealist father.
I was born in Barcelona in 1977. My early experiences marked me more than I was aware of at the time. I moved to Norway in 2004.
Although I learnt to find beauty in urban decay, what inspires me the most is nature. It has always been. It’s outdoors, surrounded by nature, that I manage to be in peace with myself. I’ve suffered from chronic pains, depression, sleep paralysis, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks and fibromyalgia.

I’ve always been creative; I have a huge urge to play , take photos, paint, write, do … it’s my therapy. I have both technician and Art Director degrees, have experience in multimedia, graphic design, digital printing, graveyard maintenance, music, event arrangement… To cope with all my experiences I’ve embraced my artist side and accepted who I really am. I connect my creative capacity and expression intentionally to my living. Art de vivre. I practice staying open to receiving wisdom and insight from other sources beyond my own desire to plan and control the outcome.

I am also a beekeeper!

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