It has been a long and hard way since I started my process in 2017. There have been highs and lows. The hardest part was last year. When I decided to start with my sergism project I did it as a part of my , and it still is. But sergism is much more than that. It’s my life project.
My goal ain’t only to document my journey from survival to thriving, my goal is to help people who struggle with CPTSD, and/or depression. There are many ways to help, raising is one of them. I do have plans for that and I am already talking with some possible sponsors. Writing my experiences and how I fight back my on my blog is another way to help.
I am now working towards something more local and direct, starting my own group to help other people who are where I was when I started therapy. I do have first hand experience and knowledge enough to help other people. I will work locally, outdoors, helping people who are in therapy to go through it without getting lost in the process. The reason I want to help people already in therapy is because I am not a therapist and I can only help people who wants to be helped. Therapy requires and a lot of energy. Being in therapy is a full work, it doesn’t just happen while you are with the therapist, it goes with you 24/7. There’s where I can help. I have accomplished more than I thought posible -like getting rid of my chronic pains- by having a slightly different approach than the usual. I am living prove that it works. We are all unique and having a squared approach ain’t always enough. Not to mention how difficult the between therapy sessions can be.
I do also know how expensive therapies are, so I want my work with people to be free of charge for them. I want to help, not to get advantage of other people’s . But I do also have bills to pay, buy food, tools… So I need funds. Since I started my project I’ve got the help of some patrons and every now and then I do sell prints of my photos and paintings. At the moment this is almost enough for the maintenance of my homepage and some tools.

I do want this project to be crowdfunded because I believe that every ’s mental health is important for the whole. I do support non gubernamental organisations myself because I believe in the work of people for the people. I do also seek sponsors who believe in my work, but they obviously want to be seen. So I am growing my project in every possible way I can. That’s why I have become ambassador for both the Canadian the great north and Wanderatic apparel brands. Being an ambassador means that I get a commission or free clothing for my outdoors work when somebody buys their stuff using my code. Using my code gives the buyer a discount. I won’t be ambassador of brands with ethics far from mine, I do always stay true to my own ethics.

Helping others is what gives meaning to me. In an ideal world I would be doing it without having to ask for fundings. But we ain’t in that ideal world yet. So I do need your help. Because I want to be transparent about this, I have a Patreon profile. They get their commissions but by having that profile people can see how much I’m earning every month. My goal is to make $2,200 per month. That would be enough for me to pay my monthly bills and invest in my project. At the moment I have my economy covered until November 2020, so now I’m focusing my efforts into fixing the economic part of my project. $2,200 may seem like a lot, but I assure you that it is the minimum I need to cover both my basic and project expenses here in Norway. If 700 people could help me with $3 per month, I would already have it covered. I know that 700 looks like a high number of people, but it ain’t that high in the internet era. It is more than achievable and it can really make a huge positive impact in others people’s lives.

I need your help to achieve my goals. You can become my patron, buy my , make a one time donation, spread the word, buy from the great north apparel using my code or have constructive talks with your friends about the importance of mental health.
I do understand if you are sceptical and prefer to wait and see how my project evolves. That is totally normal and even healthy, I know that there are lots of people getting rich with people’s despair. People selling empty promises of healing. People who call themselves gurus, shamans or spiritual guides that take advantage of people’s health. I ain’t none of that. I am a fellow human being who has enough experience to help those who want to be helped. I myself ain’t going to fix nobody and I will never claim to have that power. I may be an idealist, but not a liar. What I can do is to help people in their healing process.

Although I need to make $2,200 per month to cover all the expenses, I will be able to start helping with one person when I reach $150 per month. That would cover 4 full days helping that person every month.

-If you choose to become my patron, do it here.
-If you choose to buy my art, you are already two clicks away 😉
-If you choose to make a one time donation, use my PayPal.Me
-If you choose to buy from the great north apparel, use the code “SERGISM” (you’ll get 30% off 😊)
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-If you choose to spread the word, you know how to share on social media
-If you choose none of the above, please be open and have talks with your friends about mental health. Let’s crush the stigma together! 💪


Who am I?

I’m a multidisciplinary artist, deep thinker and a sensitive idealist. I prefer to create outdoors, surrounded by nature. I’m working hard to be able to carry my atelier always with me and share my creations from where I create them.

I was born in Barcelona in 1977. My early experiences marked me more than I was aware of at the . I was misunderstood and learned to survive with a lot of negative inside me, I always felt out of place. I felt like I was never good enough. I moved to Norway in 2004. Quite a story. But now it feels right, it’s home. Here is where I’m learning to thrive.

Although I learnt to find beauty in urban decay, what inspires me the most is nature. It has always been. It’s outdoors, surrounded by nature, that I manage to be in peace with myself.

I’ve suffered from chronic pains, depression, sleep paralysis, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks… for over three decades. I learned to survive. Wrong diagnosed several times, I did not start receiving proper help until 2017. But it wasn’t until the end of 2018 that I was diagnosed with . My journey with started actually in my childhood. is a struggle that can affect anyone. 7 or 8 out of every 100 people (or 7-8% of the population) will have PTSD at some point in their lives.
Now I’m learning to thrive. I’m a creative soul, I have a huge urge to play music, take photos, paint, write… I’ve played in numerous music projects, had my own netlabel and run the cassette label antsy records.

After decades of learning and self-development, I’ve decided to document my journey with PTSD. Not that I haven’t done that before, but now I’m aware of it. I’ve always been creative. Now I’m putting all my knowledge and abilities together in an ambitious project. I call it sergism. That’s me. That’s my past, my present and my future. The way I see the world around me. This is a therapeutical and pain liberating project.

I’m lucky to have beautiful people in my life whom I can trust. Without them I would never have been able to jump into the darkness within me and find a way to make something beautiful out of it.

I want to thank everyone who helps me through this journey. I am fortunate to receive support from wonderful therapists such as Lydia, Markku, Ida and Siv; everyone in the group therapies, really beautiful people with a lot to give; my closest friends who know who I am and love me just the way I am, their love and patience I can always count on; my family, which gives me breathing space, care and understanding; and especially Birk, my son, I really don’t know where I’d be without you ♥

I feel honoured to have patrons who support my journey every month:

–Maria Massó
–Åsmund Gravem
–Carme CD
–Josep Saldaña
–Cesar Martinez
–Andrés Ortiz
–Ibrahim Lachguer
–Karma Pellicer