Ànima pod is the sculpture/shelter concept that I’m working on at the moment. I’m almost done with the basic structure of the first ànima pod called Linda.
The construction technique is inspired by bird nests and anthills. The materials I’m using are trunks, branches, stones, debris, roots, moss and other native vegetation. The only tools needed for this construction are my hands. Although sometimes a small knife is very useful it is not really needed. I reorganise the materials that are already there, but always observing how the natural elements move and deposit debris. I want nature to reinforce the structure, so the shelter location is very important. For my first anima pod I’m using a natural crack in the mountain stone, creating a sort of bandaid that becomes the roof.
The roof is made by intertwining branches and filled with debris. The smaller roots from nearby trees are redirected into the roof so the structure is naturally reinforced. This means that the ànima pod will always be evolving. filtration technique” which consists in using all debris filtered through the roof to build up walls. When I ain’t able to interact with it and help guiding the pod’s growth anymore, it will be able to grow free leaving no trace of my previous presence.
The pod is not far from lakes, but it is also posible to collect both rain and thaw water inside the pod. There’s a lot of edible vegetation nearby, so I will make a bed next to the pod with these plants and berries. The intention is not to exploit the resources, but to have access to both water and food if needed.

The reason I’m building this pods is because I want to have safe places not only for me, but for everyone who may need a place where they can find mental peace. I have workshops with small groups of people who struggle with PTSD, CPTSD, depression and anxiety. The workshops are meant to complement therapies, not to be the main . I do also use these pods as ateliers for collaborative works. With these pods I want to raise not only about mental , but about how far from nature we’ve moved and the need of that gap.

Here are some pictures of the construction process of ànima Linda. I’ll update the gallery when I’m done building the main structure.

If you want to support my ànima project (both the pods and activities) you can make a donation for next year’s budget. You won’t be only helping me but also people who need this safe places and the activities I organise for them.

  1. Ànima (2021)

    Ànima ain’t just a sculpture/shelter project, it’s where I help other people in need. I need to raise 15000€ per year to make it work. I do have the rest of 2020 covered, but I need to get next year’s budget ready before the end of 2020.
    0.00 € donated of 7,500.00 € goal