Bokashi composting

I’ve been all organic waste for months. I recycle it into by using . Instead of decomposing, the waste is fermented by specialist bacteria. I have two bins in the kitchen. I throw the organic waste and once a day into one of the bins, while the other is full and fermenting for two weeks. After a two weeks fermentation process, I throw it into my factory. My factory is the box where the fermented waste turns into . You can find detailed information about the process on Wikipedia.
For me, being able to turn my waste into soil that I can use in my balcony garden is very important. Not only because I recycle my organic waste, but because of the mastering feeling. This is where my PTSD comes in. Because of my past experiences, I’ve always had a need of being independent and self-sufficient. It has always been difficult for me to ask for help (getting better).
Having my own soil factory at home helps me coping my and . I find being in direct contact with soil very therapeutical. By being aware of how I’m able to turn my waste into something useful gives me a mastering feeling and inspires me to keep on working into turning my past into something useful. I get the same feeling when I recycle used cooking oil into soap. I’ll post about my homemade soap next time I make more, it takes me at least two years to save enough cooking oil.

I like to think of my past traumas as waste that needed to be fermented in order to turn it into soil in which I can grow something beautiful. I am my own soil factory.
Here are some pictures of my soil factory and ready to use soil:

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