Getting ready for Bodø (pt.II)

As I posted before, for the next chapter of my journey I’ll be in . Never been that far north before, I’m really looking forward to it. During almost a week I’ll be hiking, hammocking, taking photos, filming and field recording with my new VR audio recorder. Being able to capture and process spatial audio is something really exciting for me.
If I’m lucky I’ll see and film northern lights, I’m sure this will be an awesome trip. Lots of time for me to work on my project, meditate, observe, breath and create.

This time I’m taking my solar panels with me. Although the days are shorter, I’m hoping for at least three hours with direct sun light. Sunrise at 8am and sunset at 3:15pm, so with clear weather it’s enough to recharge my portable power banks. Otherwise I’ll have to rely only on my biolite campstove to generate electricity.

I almost have all the ready. I’m taking a kammok with me, a for my equipment so I can keep it dry without having to store it in the hammock. I’ll post more about all the equipment I’m taking with me in a future post.
Do you have any tips or suggestions for a hammock trip in Bodø? Feel free to comment or send me an email 😀🙏💚

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