Sergism, a humble virtual gallery with an ambitious goal

As I explained in a previous post, I always have a dialog with the nature I take photos of. My last two dialogues have been with an awesome tree. Really good dialogues. This tree has encouraged me to explore further my poetry abilities. It feels both right and challenging to write haikus. Haikus are challenging because of their structure, but it’s because of that structure that I must find the right words to give enough depth while being complexly simple. Haikus are also a beautiful way of translating my dialogs with the nature.
The tree I’ve been talking with the last days taught me a lot of things and inspired lots of haikus. But the most important thing is reminding me about the importance of humility. I ain’t better than anyone and have my own abilities to explore. I won’t pretend that I know better than anyone else. The more I talk to nature, the more I feel this is the right path for me. It feels wrong for me to sell lies in order to make a living, and the most honest thing I can do is to be myself. I’m getting better when it comes to value my own work and abilities. I’m seeing myself as a whole and try to be as congruent as I can. I’m building up my homepage as my own dedicated not only to my works, but to raise awareness about PTSD and other related health issues. I have gone a long way to be where I am now. I know that if things had been different I wouldn’t be where I am now. But I also know that I could have had a life with a lot less pains if I had had the help I needed decades ago. I deserve, at least, my own attention. It’s impossible for me to continuously have exhibitions in the “usual” museums or galleries. My work is constantly evolving through different means of artistic expression, that’s why I need to put all those small pieces of me together in a bigger canvas. And by doing that I am able to explain to the world how PTSD has affected my life. That’s why I need my own virtual gallery. I don’t compare myself with other artists, and I don’t expect to be recognised as an artist by the art community. I need my own place to show myself and try to help others through my humble work. That’s the best contribution I can make, being myself.
So I would like you to see as a small gallery with an ambitious goal, to raise awareness. And to make it a better gallery with evolving art, this gallery needs funds. I’ve been this art gallery for decades until it opened its virtual doors to the audience two weeks ago. I have already patrons who believe in my abilities and pay for my work. I have now upgraded all the tiers on my patreon page and added a new one, the “tea” tier as I called it. It’s only $1 per month and it’s a symbolic price that helps me keep the doors of my museum open. The $1 patronage gives also access to some of my blog entries which will from now on be only available for my patrons. Because I do not only value my work but the work my patrons do by my art.
I hope you choose to be my and help me with my journey, together we make real changes.

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