On my way to Bodø

I’ve never been so far north before, but always dreamt about it. So this is another childhood dream coming true. I have my backpack with enough food and survival equipment for a week. So unless there’s an emergency I cannot handle by myself, I’ll be alone in the woods working on my project. Well, not that alone, I’ll be surrounded by nature 😊

The trip started yesterday, I took the tube to Oslo central station at 21:50. The train departed at 23:00. I had to transfer in Trondheim, it was about an hour before next train to . I’ll arrive at 17:32. The most challenging part of this trip will be the first night. It will be dark and rainy when I arrive to Bodø. Not to mention how heavy my backpack is. So my plan is to find a place good enough to set up my hammock for tonight and find a better place tomorrow early with daylight. I’ve been looking for posible spots so I already have some options on mind.

I have a lot of time to brainstorm as I enjoy the beautiful views from the train.

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