Portable atelier

Having a place where I feel comfortable to work is a must. I’ve had lots of rehearsal places and worked in a lot of different workspaces, so I know quite well my needs when it comes to work. It’s obvious that for my project I need to work outdoors most of the time. I do also need different solutions. The concept of a mobile ain’t new, but I am finding out my own best set ups. I call my portable concept (), an itinerant working place where I have the needed conditions to create.
I can’t afford to pay a small room where I can create freely. Having always the same four walls ain’t the best solution for my creativity neither. So I’m done trying to find the perfect atelier, I’m building it after my needs and in the best places I can imagine.

My first choice is a hammock, light enough to take with me everywhere and easy to set up. Hammock ACU requires more planing, specially in rainy and snowy weather. Although it’s very easy to take it everywhere, it has very limited place to work inside. The hammock ACU works best for photo shooting, photo editing requires not much space. But it can be quite cold so the hammock ACU is not ideal for winter.

For winter short journeys I’m upgrading to a light lavvo, more comfortable space and easier to warm up. With the lavvo ACU I have the ultimate portable atelier, although the hammock is comfortable enough for writing and photo editing it’s not ideal for drawing and painting my wounded sticks. In the lavvo I do also have enough place to have all my stuff inside, so I don’t need to worry about extra securing my stuff from rain or snow. The lavvo is a solid portable atelier, it’s easier to set up the solar panels and the water/air turbine. Not to mention how practical is to be able to cook inside while warming up the lavvo and charging batteries with the biolite camp stove. It’s also the best solution for meetings and collaborations. Lavvo ACU is very easy to carry on my bike, so I can fill my backpack with all my gear.

For one day near journeys I choose a tarp, I prefer to find shelter under trees but sometimes it’s best to have a small portable shelter. It’s very useful in rainy autumn days.

No matter what ACU I use, I never stay on the same spot any longer than two nights. I’m taking pictures of every ACU set up, so in a future post I’ll be visually documenting the ACU.

Do you have a mobile atelier? I’d love to hear about it 🙂

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