A new ACU set up to test

My portable atelier, the , has a new shape. I know all the advantages of having a portable atelier shaped as a hammock, I’ve been testing it for some months now. The hammock shape of the is ultra light and perfect for photo editing and writing. But it ain’t so good for drawing, ink works and playing music. Working outdoors means working in different kinds of weather, and when it’s cold and rainy it’s nice with a campfire and good shelter to work comfortably. I’ve been out in the field long enough to understand that I needed to upgrade my portable atelier possibilities. So a better solution for rainy cold days and having better place to work is a lavvu.
I got myself a modern light (approx 6Kg) lavvu, easy to pack on my bicycle and easy to set up. Another advantage is that I can use my camp stove inside, so I can keep it warm and cook inside while working on my stuff. I’m planing to take a first test next week.
The lavvu ACU will allow me also to collaborate with other people. I’m working on a new series of capsules based on other peoples’ PTSD. I ain’t going to explain more about that before I got more done 😉
Being able to have visitors and collaborators in my ACU will also do me good, I may be enjoying my alone time in nature too much. Nothing wrong about being alone in nature, but I don’t want to become it a hiding place. I work hard towards thriving, not finding new ways to hide. I know that it may take a lot of time before I enjoy being surrounded by people, I won’t press myself again into stressful social situations. But I don’t want my PTSD to choose for me neither.

More about the lavvu ACU coming soon 😀

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