The spirituality laws’ interpretations and its perils

This post is meant to challenge in a constructive way. I want to specially challenge some worldly spread interpretations. The laws of interpretations.
I’m sure you have heard about the four laws of spirituality, if not directly at least in the form of ready made inspirational quotes. The four laws of spirituality may sound really profound, but how deeply do we really understand them. I perceive a very egoistic use of these four laws, egoistic and superficial. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying that they are wrong or right.

For those who doesn’t know about these laws, here they are with the usual explanation about their meaning (not my interpretations):

  • First law:

“The person who arrives is the right person.”

Nobody comes to our lives by chance, all the people who surround us, who interact with us, are there for a reason, to make us learn and progress in each and every situation.

  • Second law:

“What happens is the only thing that could have happened .”

Nothing, but nothing, absolutely nothing that happens to us in our lives could have been in any other way. Not even the most insignificant detail. There is no:  “If I had done such a thing … this other thing would have happened… “. No. What happened was the only thing that could have happened, and it had to have been so that we could learn that lesson and move on. Each and every situation that happens in our lives is perfect, even though our ego mind resists and does not want to accept it.

  • Third law:

“Any time you start, is the right time.”

It all starts at the right time, not before, not after. When we are ready for something new to begin in our lives, it will then begin.

  • Fourth law:

“When something ends, it ends.”

Just like that. If something ended in our lives, it is for our own good, therefore it is better to leave it. Go ahead and move forward, already enriched with that experience. I think it’s not a coincidence that you are reading this, if this text reaches our lives today; It is because we are prepared to understand that no snowflake ever falls into the wrong place!

The way I understand it, laws are a system of rules. In this case a system of rules to regulate spirituality. First of all, spirituality has lots of different meanings. We all have our own understanding of spirituality, this is one of those abstracts terms that leave place to a lot of different interpretations. All those interpretations are equally valid, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that every interpretation is morally right. Now, what do laws of spirituality mean? The way I understand it, they are meant to be a guide, they are applied differently from person to person. One person may even apply the same rule differently depending on the situations. So they seem to be flexible in every aspect, they are just a guide. It seems that they are meant to be a kind guide for humans to be gentle and promote personal growth, right?

Allow me to use an unpleasant example applying the meaning usually given to each law:
The person who arrives is the right person. What happens is the only thing that could have happened. Whenever you start, it is the right time. When it ends, it ends. So that man who appeared in his life and tortured him, was not only the right person but tortured him at the right time. Being tortured was the only thing that could have happened and it happened at the right time. When he ended torturing so ended it.
I’m sure that some of you have already made your own judgements about that unpleasant example and how superficially I applied the laws. Maybe some think that the torturer wasn’t acting after the spiritual laws, but that would be a contradiction. Wasn’t after all that the only thing that could have happened, according to the laws? Maybe you are thinking that the real outcome of that event was a greater good, but that would also contradict the fact that when it ended so ended it. That would mean that that crime was transformed into good. Transformed is not the same as ended. I’m pretty sure that by now some are thinking that I am just being difficult and messing around with words; that I am completely misunderstanding the laws. Am I? I am after all the right person writing the right post that you are reading because it is what it is supposed to be happening right now. Maybe you think that I’m superfluous, that I am using misleading words. Am I? If that is true, if I am just messing around with something so profound, won’t it be possible that other people Is messing with words and concepts without you being aware of that? What makes others’ interpretations more valid than mine? Is it because I do not have the spiritual authority necessary for interpreting? If so, am I supposed to believe and trust that a so called spiritual authority (spiritual leader, guru…) won’t mess around and try to put my focus where she/he wants to?

You see, the perils of superfluous interpretations and not wanting to accept the importance of both good and bad are huge. These laws can easily be misused by some people in order to abuse and and exploit other beings. This is something that happens every single day.
The torture example is an unpleasant one, I know. But I really think that we should be more cautious if we want to avoid horrible crimes against us. Unfortunately, these laws have been used by spiritual leaders to achieve their own desires, abusing and exploiting the good will of beautiful people who felt so lost that tried to find guidance for a personal growth. When we blind ourselves for the negative feelings and thoughts, we risk to be deceived and badly hurt. Not only individually, but collectively hurt. It may sound like it is actually my PTSD writing. It ain’t. It is actually my , not my PTSD. Remember that I want to challenge in a constructive way, so make my example yours and think how would you apply the spirituality laws on that case. The example ain’t nothing that has never happened, unfortunately torture happens constantly in very different forms.

I’m not saying that these laws are morally wrong per se, but I honestly believe that our desires sometimes blind us and invite bad intentioned people to appear in our lives and abuse us. This happens every day in the name of spirituality laws, morally deranged people exist. Like magicians, some people have the ability to guide our focus where they want it to be so they can trick us. We know that magicians trick us, yet we want to believe in magic. At least for a short period of time we experience an awesome feeling. Short time pleasure. I don’t think that short time pleasure seeking is bad neither, as long as we are aware of that and don’t lye ourselves into believing that we are actually doing what it’s best for our long term pleasure also called happiness. Mental manipulation is unfortunately very real. In my opinion, we should be embracing negative thoughts if we are willing to act positively. Repressing negative thoughts can result in negative actions. Trying to only have good thoughts can be very frustrating and mislead our spirituality, which should always be individually found and understood. It can lead us to do more harm than good, when what we actually seek is goodness and happiness.

I know that this ain’t what most of us want to hear, but we need to be aware. Specially when we seek guidance in our darkest hours. Just because we are asleep when it’s dark and awake when the sun rises doesn’t mean that only day exists. I really think that we have the moral obligation to be aware and awake if we really want to achieve greatness as a whole. Allowing individuals to become moral leaders has its consequences, not always the desired ones. We should accept challenges not impositions. That’s what spirituality laws should be, challenges. Not impositions.

Before I end this post, allow me to tell you that I’ve written it at the precisely right moment and you are reading it because it is the only thing that could happen now. I entered in your life in the way I did and when I did not only because I am the right person, but because it was the only thing it could happen. If I’ve challenged your believes with this post it’s not only because it’s the right thing but also because it was the only thing that could happen. And I was the right person to so. Or are you reading it because you chose to do it instead of doing something else? Things aren’t so simple, so why do we accept simple interpretations?
You are free to choose, you are free to interpret, you are free to do what’s morally right for you, you are free to give yourself to a leader if that’s what you really want. But be aware of your doings and of the complexity of being a human being.

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