Interacting with nature on a new level

I’ve decided to interact with nature in a new way. I’m learning to build shelters that are completely integrated and allow nature to grow on the structure to make it stronger. This will take time and there will be a lot of beautiful failings, that’s for sure. But I am already using all the knowledge I’ve learned from every individual experience. I am using skills I learned from every job I’ve done. This project ain’t about survival, but thriving. I learned to survive in cities, in nature it’s about thriving.
For this project, the main skill I’m using is observation. I want to find the right spots and build according to the landscapes dynamics. That means being aware about how land moves, how water flows, how debris is naturally gathered, stone cracks, vegetation, light… everything happening in the surroundings is extremely important.
My artistic skills are also very important, because I am after all interacting with nature to create . I do see all over nature. Tree stumps are beautiful dynamic sculptures. Debris gathered by wind and water create new amazing plans. I mean, everything has its own artistic aesthetics. I am actually recycling absolutely every skill I’ve learned for this project.

I am now working on a piece that is intended to work as a bandaid over cracked stones, with small trees around that will have more ground to grow. I want these trees to cover the roof with roots. I want the roof to be a self breathing roof. A completely alive roof. The shelter has to be 100% alive, with its own “organs”. It will have its own water gathering system and a little crop with edible plants.

I want to use these shelters as bases for my (), but not only. I want anyone who finds them to use them if they need to. And I want to use them for an even much better purpose, but I ain’t going to write about it yet 😉

By the way, this project is actually an illegal thing to do, but I won’t be able to do it legally until I show the true value of the project. But in order to show all the common benefits of the project I need to start illegally. This is a very common issue in the systems we live in. I am doing what is morally right and always with the plan of helping other people.

Here are some pictures of the first stage:

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