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If you’ve been following my blog, then you already know how important is for me. has, for me, been a powerful tool in my . I consider both negative and positive equally important, I’ve already written it in previous posts. For me both negative and positive thoughts are equally important. It is because they are a signal of something else going on in our subconscious.
What I’ve learned from myself is that my negative thoughts come from something unresolved going on in my subconscious. In my case, repressed traumas. I know because it wasn’t until I confronted all those negative thoughts and observed where they came from that I was able to resolve my traumatic experiences. If I had not listened to those thoughts and take them seriously (not as true, but as real) I would still be in denial and repeating old survival patterns. The way I see it, when we try to push away the negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts, we are not fully paying attention to ourselves. We avoid solving the core of our traumatic experiences.

I’ll try to explain it in a less abstract way. Think of a child who bullies other children and is very problematic at school. Is the solution to expel that child from school and be replaced by another no problematic child the solution? Will that make the problem disappear? Maybe from that school, but the core problem stays. But what happens if we pay attention to that child and try to find the reasons behind that behaviour? I think that it’s better to pay attention to the reasons behind the negative attitude of that child, that’s the best solution for the whole. So imagine your brain being the school and your thoughts the children. Ain’t it better to pay attention to both the positive and negative thoughts equally? Ain’t it the best for the whole?
Is it OK to reject a child because of negative behaviour? Would you do that? I wouldn’t, so that’s why I pay attention to my negative thoughts. Not because I enjoy having them and want to live with the pain they inflict me, but because I want those thoughts to become something new and beautiful. In my case it has been, among other things, to get rid of my chronic pain.

Thoughts are extremely important for me, and understanding the reasons behind every negative thought has been extremely helpful in my healing. My thoughts are like children at school, learning, interacting with each other and growing up together. I want a healthy school 🙂


  • Marty says:


    Paying attention or observing thoughts is excellent

    60,000 thoughts on average every day for each one of us

    That is one every waking second plus

    How many of these thoughts can a human actually handle in a day

    Why are the negative ones getting thru much more than positive ones

    Where do they originate from

    Are we responsible for them

    Do they have influence

    Do they have power

    Only if we grasp them or give them attention

    Can we have wellbeing ignoring all of these thoughts

    In my opinion our chances skyrocket

    • sergi says:

      Thank you for your comments Marty 🙂 I just came back from another beautiful day in the forest 🙂 I know what you’re saying, I tried that for many years because it does work for some people. In my case, that gave me the opposite results. It made even harder to go to the core of my problems. I felt bad because that didn’t work and I didn’t understand why. It made my chronic depression worst, got more physical pain… you know the story 😉 I’m happy for those who find health in that method, and I’m happy I choose not to go the same path once again and went to the roots of my struggles. I’m not talking about getting in a thinking loop but to go further, dig deeper and understand the origin of those negative thoughts. For me, ignoring those thoughts made them more powerful. Sure, I got like one or two good months but then those negative thoughts came back with a more devastating effect on my health. It was like smiling while walking with a broken leg, I managed for a short time before the pain became unbearable. But that is my experience and how I’ve found a way the heal my struggles 🙂 💚

      • Marty says:

        Whatever works

        I believe we are saying closer to the same thing.

        I felt my emotional hurt and thoughts fully, then let them go

        While meditating I built my focus while in therapy we dealt with the gory details

        I did not ignore thoughts but I learned to let them go after I handled them

        Most of us have issues with our thoughts dominating our waking moments It becomes obsessive for many

      • Marty says:

        Your music is your connection to the creative side

        Be aware of the focus and creative space when you play

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