Why ain’t I posting so much about my thoughts lately?

Those of you who have been following my blog have noticed that I haven’t directly post my thoughts in a while. I have been posting music and TED talks. That is because I’ve been among other things updating my website with haikus, videos and my music. So if you are only following my blog maybe you haven’t noticed that.

I do have a lot of post drafts, I have enough thoughts to write about that’s not a problem 😅 But writing posts is just a small part of me, a really small one. I am working on different projects, I always do that. I can’t only work only on one thing, some may say that it is a bad thing. That I ain’t in the here and now. That I should only focus in what I am doing. That I am distracted, disorganized or even have a scattered mind. Yes, I’ve heard all those things before. It’s OK, the thing is that I see the whole picture in my own dimensional way. All the projects that I work on at the same time are related and complement each other. Having only one on mind feels claustrophobic to me and I end up doing none. So that doesn’t work for me. If you’ve been reading my posts then you already know a little bit of how I found my way out of chronic pain and how I choose to work with my own struggles. Writing about it is only a very small portion, there’s a much bigger deepness to it. Creativity allows me to work in a bigger dimension, but focusing only on one thing flattens that dimension. And that has been a frustration for me before, so I ain’t no longer flattening my creativity.

But what am I actually doing? Well, I’m working a lot on my ànima project, recording, coding, filming, playing, taking pictures… yes, a lot of stuff. I’m working a lot on my label antsy records, new releases are about to be published. I am teaching how to use wordpress and building a special site for a client (can’t say no more about that one).

So that’s why I’ve been only posting playlists lately. That’s music I listen to while designing and coding at home, and by sharing it I am at the same time supporting not mainstream artists. It’s not like I have a big impact, but sharing eclectic playlists with 200 readers will for sure be interesting for some. Maybe you discover something new that you enjoy listening to and add it to your own playlists. As an artist myself I ensure you that that is a big impact, because you will then maybe play it for your friends, they to theirs and so on.
Give a listen to my “music that maybe you’ve never listened to” playlists if you haven’t yet done. They are not genre specific so don’t be square minded 😉 You can always press next 😅 Do you have any no mainstream recommendations? Post them on the comments 🙂
And if you only read my blog and haven’t yet visit my whole site, I invite you to do so. On sergism.com you will find a little more of what I am creating.

I am also reading other blogs more slowly than usual, but I will soon get to read hundreds of interesting posts that are waiting for me on my wordpress reader app 😀

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