The most important thing is to keep moving (Henry says)

During one of my forest walks last week, I found a perfect place to record birds singing. I did also shoot some video. Field recording is very satisfying, very mindfulness. It’s I spend with myself and all my experiences, so it’s not uncommon for me to make a lot of different associations and even jokes. This video is an example of that (I have a rather uncommon sense of humour 😀 ).
The joke may be obvious for some, absent for others and just a reference/homage for the rest. The important thing is that I had a lot of fun in the forest leting ideas flow, thoughts upon thoughts and being inspired by the sounds and the smells. Talking to the trees while recording birds conversations. Feeling the that I was going to play at home and visualising the video “the most important thing is to keep moving (Henry says)”. It’s like freestyle lego building.

What you can see/listen to in this video ain’t just almost 6 minutes of video and music. It’s a very small fraction of a collection of different experiences and distant events interlaced and glued together through a unique way of , moulded into a unique form; it’s not only the two hours I was recording and filming in the forest neither. I’m not talking only my own experiences, but all the experiences behind every artistic creation I’ve observed. In this video there are a lot of references, associations, thinking, conversations, popular , opposites unknowingly meeting each other… different ideas mixing together and giving new funny and interesting meanings. Although it’s a 5min 55sec video, it contains eons.

That’s the beauty of , it’s depth. An observed single grain of sand is art itself, with everything and nothing connected to it. It depends on the observer’s own experience, which has its own dimension and keeps on deepening when stimulated. Observing is what makes art art.
Art is, in my opinion, one of the highest abilities we all have; maybe the most important one.

Henry says that the most important thing is to keep moving, but I honestly hope you don’t agree with him 😉

Living is art.

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