Celebrating with a giveaway!

Land art in the forest, live streaming from my home studio, new homepage design, new … a concert in Drammen. Lots of achievements lately!

Playing in Drammen triggered my anxiety and was about to become a panic attack. Rapid heart rate, heavy sweating, tightness, dizziness, trembling… but I was able to control it. I embraced it and used it on my vocal improvisation. Playing never makes me nervous, it’s cathartical. So I managed to have a good time surrounded by good friends. A big achievement.

So to celebrate all these achievements and the launch of my own clothing designs I’m running a sweepstake. I’m giving away one hoodie from my ΛCDM (lambda coloured dark matter) collection. There are six different models, the winner can choose the model. I’d love you to participate so you can get the chance to win. The lucky winner will be randomly picked on the 17th October 2020 at 12:00 P.M. (+02:00 GMT).

I myself have the dark pink model and I love it!

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