Branding sergism

Those who know me or have been following my project during the last year, already know what I mean when I call myself “ multimedia artist”. But for those who wonder, it’s because I am now putting together a huge puzzle. A puzzle with lots of pieces. A multidimensional puzzle. Every experience, every place, every… well, absolutely everything is a piece that has a place or places in this puzzle.
I started combining this pieces when I recognised them as pieces. I had to dissociate to recognise myself. I did not follow the usual “move on and don’t look back” kind of process. But I’ve written a lot that on my blog before, about how I turn every negative and positive experience into ; how I observe and reflect. So I ain’t writing about that now.

Since I consciously started as a life project it has been growing and evolving. I’m trying and finding the right way to integrate each aspect of my life into sergism. After all, I am sergism. Now, branding it? Why? How? Well, why not, sergism is like putting my signature on a drawing or having a band name. So yes, branding. How to brand something so personal and wide at the same time? I must appear in the logo, that’s a no brainer for me. So that’s on place. Music, writing, painting, clothing and nature also have to be present in the logo. Shazam! a brush, a feather, a guitar, a tree, herbs, mountains and the moon. Now, I am very abstract and symbolic so that should also be reflected. Not to mention that I prefer to do things on my own way after observing and learning. So symbolism in the logo is very important. I ain’t going to unveil every symbolism behind the logo, but every element is placed with meaning.

I find very interesting how a lot of people interprets crossing one’s arms as something negative. I guess there’s a lot of myth and narrow minded body language psychology. In my case, what I am depicting in the logo is self-embracement. Hugging myself while I observe something bigger than me, the wholeness. That’s why I, in the logo, I’m looking up to the tree, observing. Again, I’m not going to explain every detail and its placement in the logo. I just find interpretations very interesting, we all have our own perceptions, yet there seems to be widely accepted narrow minded body language interpretations. And that is something that I also wanted to depict in my logo. Perceptions and interpretations. Hence the importance of depicting body language in the logo.
No loose ends behind the logo and lots of hidden symbolism. What I want people to see is there to be seen; the rest is, in a symbolic abstract way, mostly for myself. That was a very important aspect to think about while I sketched the logo. Having fun with symbolism. Having fun with the pieces. Having fun putting together a multidimensional non-linear puzzle and translating it into a logo. Branding sergism is also part of the puzzle.

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