Being an artist ain’t easy at all. Art is seen more like a hobby than a profession. We artists need to pay to create, we expend a lot of money in education, hardware, software, licenses, internet, hosting, instruments, cameras, ink, paper, cassettes, cds, vinyl, food, a place to live, atelier, studio, rehearsal rooms… the list is too long.
My atelier is now outdoors and my music studio is in my bedroom. But I still have bills to pay. At the moment I need a minimum income of $1800 every month to pay my education loan, food and household bills.
I have some awesome patrons who support my work as an artist every month. I use Patreon because I understand that it feels more secure when becoming a patron. There are three two tiers available. For only $3 or $5 per month you will be supporting my work and will get access to exclusive videos. Once every month I’ll be paying a concert from my studio, these concerts will only be available for my patrons.

My patrons

Thanks to the patrons who have been supporting my work:

Maria Massó
Åsmund Gravem
Carme CD
Josep Saldaña
Cesar Martinez
Andrés Ortiz
Karma Pellicer