Tverrfaglig kunstner og skogs birøkter

Praised is the fallen

When no longer is,
the precipice end is
then seen majestic.


Layers of unknown knowledge

Stream of silky waves
and invisible shadows
we call reality.


Mirrored nature

Hints of freshly scents,
translucent crystalline nuances,
that’s the essence of you.


Silent caller

Pleasant breeze at night,
purple ethereal whispers,
leading me in dream.


Scoop out

Red intertwined roots,
water washing time’s end,
dead stone quarry fades.


Swift inertia

Shining red and black,
through darkness squeak in blue,
inner jasmine smell.


Missing absentee

The more I’m air,
the fairest we’d have been,
omit the silence.


When all falls down

The majestic tree
taught me red humility
as she asked for you.


The damage you do to us

You may think its yours,
but it’s others’ voice
and not your heart’s.


Refusal bed

Like ageing pebbles,
silent denial will prevail
until its last breath.


Misguided flow

Crosscurrent rivers
longing for each other’s
absent split presence.


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