Tverrfaglig kunstner og skogs birøkter


Kosmos is an evolving participatory project, a humble visualisation of the universal entanglement. The action of subscribing to my channel implies a whole process, both mental and physical. A series of chained events and translations of signals. A lot of different kind of energies that are translated into a sculpture made by rearranging elements found in the forest. Which will keep on naturally evolving and being rearranged by literally infinite actions. Like with most of my art, with kosmos I’d like to raise awareness about the importance of actions but also that we all are a tiny part of a huge system that goes beyond our comprehension. We need to get closer to nature again, observe, learn and act in harmony with the whole. We are nothing but a tiny part of the whole, but our unawareness leads us to sometimes take actions that change the whole. These changes are compensated by reactions that endanger ourselves and our environment. Like our impact in the climate change. Not that there aren’t bigger forces in the universe that will eventually lead to the Earth’s evolution into something else. Forces that will rearrange the structure of our tiny home, the Milky Way. But until forces that we cannot control rearrange our home into something else, we should try to be aware of those forces that we exert and try to control them in a more harmonic way. There’s a whole universe both above and beneath us. We can observe galaxies and nano structures.
Kosmos is a project linked to my YouTube channel because it’s an easy way to make it participatory and random. There are subscribers that doesn’t know about the project but that subscribe to my channel. There are subscribers searching for new subscribers, there are ghost subscribers, subscribers that are directed to my channel because of my live streamings…
It’s a sculpture that grows with my channel. For every new subscriber I’ve been stacking a stone in a secret location in the forest. There are now 51 stones. For the next 49 subscribers I’ll be working with sticks. The number of subscribers goes up and down, but I’ve decided to maintain every stone and stick that’s already on the sculpture, because that is the impact that every subscription has made into our sculpture in the forest.

Do you want to be part of this Kosmos? Subscribe and help me grow the sculpture.

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