AWSER DERF is my main solo project. I started playing under this monicker in 2005. Although this is mostly a noise/glitch/drone project, I do also take elements from other generes and experiment with different set ups. This project has somehow absorbed most of my other solo projects such as x-flow, mantis crème, enlil and H:U.N.D.
AWSER DERF’s has been published on different netlabels and self-published both digital and on cassette.

You’re going to de-rail
Awserderf Youregoingtoderailcover

This netrelease was published on kulturterrorismus on

“Awser Derf is one of the many musical alter egos of the multimedia artist, illustrator and musician Sergi S. Masso. After 5 years of silence Awser Derf returns with stunning works. “You’re Going To Derail” is the first of two new EP’s. Modulated shortwaves, hypnotic rhythmic parts, cuts, melodies and well placed glitches build up an hauntingly collage which ends up in deep drones. We are proud to release this amazing sonic trip. Taste it!”

Awserderf Derailedaa

This netrelease was published on kulturterrorismus on

“With “Derailed” we proudly present the second EP of Sergi S. Masso aka Awser Derf. He created an interesting sonic trip through a variety of different styles. After a smooth guitar intro the sounds change to a harsh wall of noise to end up into a relaxed jazzy guitar track consisting of well placed glitches and percussive elements. This very interesting sound collage promises a great listening from the beginning to end. Taste it!”


This netrelease was published on mahorka on

“Words have two sides – the “said” and the “meant”.”

Awser Derf Cover

This is actually the first AWSER DERF recording. The project was called QWERTY back then, but I renamed it to AWSER DERF just after this recording was released on my netlabel Abdicate Cell on 2006. I did a remastered version of this recording, QWERTY v.2, which also includes a different version of Kiuh jyt as a bonus track.

444 +
000 The Xmas Compilation Image 1 Front
The X-mas Compilation

This track was published on Petroglyph Music & VJG Records’ compilation “The X-mas Compilation” on

Meld 6 A

This track is a collaboration with Lezet  and appeared on the MELD6 album.

“”MELD6” is the sixth installment to the MELD series of albums of remixes and collaborations done with artists from around the world. This particular volume gravitates towards ambient/electro-acoustic music /timbral electronica and expands on the idea of providing the original Lezet materials with duration and texture.Featured artists include(in order of appearance):
1.Djozr (USA)
2.George Christian Vilela Pereira (Brazil)
3.Owl Dreams (USA)
4.Richard Wilmer (UK)
5.Taklamakan (Croatia)
6.Awser Derf (Norway)
7.Pangea (Spain)”

Cd Cover Thumbnail Ac019

This track was published on the Abdicate Cell‘s compilation Cell on

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