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I sell prints of my pictures so I can keep on working on what I do best. Choosing a life based on is not easy at all. Unfortunately, I do also have bills to pay. I have invested my savings into this project because I believe in it. There’s a lot of love, and equipment behind every photo. Living with ain’t easy neither. After decades of hitting the same wall over and over again, I choose to be who I am and trust my creativity. I strongly believe that it’s important to keep alive and independent, something that our current dying old system makes very difficult. So direct patronage gives us artists the opportunity to refine our work while being in direct contact with the audience. By becoming my patron you will not only help me but help other people. My goal is not only make a living as an artist, but also to raise mental and help other people locally. It’s an ambitious goal, but it’s what gives meaning to my life. I have suffered from chronic depression, chronic pains and more. I’ve learned a lot and found my own way to fight back , now I’m free from my chronic pains and other manifestations. So helping other people in their has become my main goal. I want this project to be crowdfunded because I know first hand how expensive therapies are and I ain’t doing this to take advantage of people in need.

There are two types of patronage available through my profile on patreon (recognition $3, and VIP $15 per month) check out by clicking the “become a patron” button.

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