Tverrfaglig kunstner og skogs birøkter

Wounded sticks

Every wounded stick is a unique art collaboration between nature and I. They represent what I never got to be, truncated paths, realities that never got to be because of others’ choices that felt wrong for me. Yet another way to turn pain into beauty.
The sticks are painted with indian ink. Every wounded stick is a unique decorative art piece.

As of October 2020, I’m putting together small sets of Wounded Sticks instead of selling them piece by piece. Why? Because it’s funnier! You can combine them as you want. Put them together and create your own small sculptures, put one stick in every room, give away to your best friends… every set includes also original drawings and/or other items. Every set is unique. If you like a set don’t hesitate, once it’s gone it’s gone. Every month I’ll put together a new set.

I’m giving 10% of every sale goes to Trees for the Future, an organisation with an important mission: to end hunger and poverty by training farmers to regenerate their land. The rest is to fund my ànima sculptures in the forest.

Unfortunately, shipping costs are quite high (specially international shipping). So I send these packages with the cheapest postal option, that for international shipping is 160NOK (almost 15€). The minimum price for the sets are with shipping costs included.

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